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Martial Arts Classes

Martial arts offers many benefits to children, teens, and adults. Some of those positives are cardiovascular health, muscle tone, weight loss, strength, flexibility, stability, coordination, improved focus, and stress relief. We also work on developing great values and improving self-esteem.
Martial Arts Instruction - Hollister, CA
Martial Arts Classes - Hollister, CA

Our Twist on Traditional Training

At Enterprise Academy of Martial Arts – Hollister, we teach our classes in an age-specific format and focus on a child’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development. We use this as a gateway to incorporate the martial arts into their training. By catering to a child’s developmental needs first and foremost, we help create a higher level of learning by teaching martial arts at their level, not one of a much older child or even adult. We have found this method to work wonderfully by the results we see in our students versus students learning the so-called “traditional” way.

Most karate schools teach children a watered-down version of martial arts, or in some cases a rudimentary version of the adult curriculum. This sets the child up for failure due to the advanced nature of the techniques and inappropriate application of them.



We teach the life skills of the martial arts: respect, courtesy, discipline, focus, positivity, self-confidence, and more. Our classes combine these skills with dynamic training that teaches balance, coordination, and self-defense to help your child reach their full potential. Our programs are focused on different age groups: ages 3-4, 5-7, 7-12, and 13+.

Children's Martial Arts - Hollister, CA


We show teens that they can be part of a special group of people who will always accept them for who they are. We teach ways to avoid peer pressure and make the right decisions in life through the life skills taught through our school. These are taught in combination with a dynamic mixed martial arts curriculum that mixes Tae Kwon Do, Jun Fan Gung-fu, Jun Fan Kickboxing, and Filipino art of kali.

Teen Martial Arts Instruction - Hollister, CA


Our team will help you find parts of yourself that you never knew you had. Through a mixed martial arts program similar to that we provide to teens, our classes are fun, empowering, and can be learned by nearly anyone! Age is not a limit.

Adults Martial Arts Classes - Hollister, CA
Come to the only school on the Central Coast, in Hollister, CA, that’s authorized to teach Bruce Lee’s martial arts of Jeet Kune Do! Call 831-638-9384 or contact us now!
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